Add Some Dazzle To Your Advertising With Digital Signage

17 March 2015
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For centuries, a painted sign has helped potential customers to find a business. While buying a painted sign for your business will help to attract customers, paint fades and will not be highly visible in the dark. Another problem with a painted sign is that it is costly and time-consuming to change the message or the format on your sign. You could use removable banners to change the message on your signage, but then you have to store the banners or create a new banner for new occasions. Read More 

The Write Model: Choosing The Best Laptop As A Writer

5 March 2015
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Between worn out keyboards and overwhelmed operating systems, any writer will tell you that finding a laptop that can stand up to the trauma of daily use for word-crafting can be quite the feat. Chances are, if you stay in this occupation for very long, you will find yourself looking for a replacement laptop once every year or two, which can be pretty costly. Before heading out to the nearest computer store to get the next replacement, there are a few things that you should know about finding the best laptop as a writer. Read More