2 Reasons To Hire A Data Center Relocation Service

27 November 2017
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Data center relocations are an extremely difficult form of a corporate or business move, typically because of the sensitivity of the data that is being moved and the sensitivity of the equipment that the data is stored on. Listed below are just two of the many reasons to hire a data center relocation service to help you with this type of move.

They Can Help Eliminate Downtime

One of the biggest concerns that you should have when attempting to relocate to a new data center is eliminating downtime. This is extremely important because your clients and customers will still need to be able to access their data as needed, which means that if the data is inaccessible for the several days that it takes to complete the move you could very easily end up with clients that are angry enough to take their business elsewhere. However, a data center relocation service can take steps to make sure that there isn't any downtime, such as by uploading the data to a temporary server or data center until the relocation has been completed and the permanent site can be made ready.

They Will Take Steps To Secure All Of The Physical Equipment

Another reason to hire a data center relocation service is that they will take many steps to secure all of the physical equipment. This is vital because much of the physical equipment that you will use in your data center is extremely expensive and any damage to that equipment could result in lost data. One of the steps that the relocation service will take to protect the physical equipment is to ensure that RFID tracking tags are attached to every piece of equipment so that none of it will be lost during the transit process.

Additionally, the data center relocation service will also make sure that all of your equipment is transported in the back of refrigerated trucks. This is very important because much of this equipment is going to be very sensitive to high temperatures and a lot of heat could result in crippled or damaged equipment.

Contact a relocation service that specializes in moving data centers today to discuss how they may be able to assist you and to determine what measures they can take to protect your data during transit. You will want to hire a data center relocation service because they can help eliminate downtime and will also take numerous steps to secure all of the physical equipment. To learn more, contact a data center relocation company like Rack Lift.