Add Some Dazzle To Your Advertising With Digital Signage

17 March 2015
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For centuries, a painted sign has helped potential customers to find a business. While buying a painted sign for your business will help to attract customers, paint fades and will not be highly visible in the dark. Another problem with a painted sign is that it is costly and time-consuming to change the message or the format on your sign. You could use removable banners to change the message on your signage, but then you have to store the banners or create a new banner for new occasions. If you want more versatility and visibility for your company, you should consider using digital signage.

What Is Digital Signage?

With a digital sign, an engineer designs a panel of LCD or LED bulbs to hang on the wall of your business, on a sign out front, or on a wall inside your business. The engineer will then program a message to appear on the sign. The LED or LCD bulbs can be used to create a static image, to cycle through different images, or to play animation. The beauty of a digital sign is that it is no longer a major operation to change the message on your sign.

Uses for Digital Signs

The problem of lighting up your sign at night is not a problem with digital signs because the bulbs that form the message on your sign are easily visible at night. Lighting up your advertising at night is only one use of a digital sign. While the message on your storefront might not change all that often, you might have signs inside your store that you change frequently. For example, if you have a menu, it is likely that you will add or change items from time to time. With a digital sign, all you have to do is change the program for your sign to add or remove items from your menu. Anyone who is reasonably competent with computers should be able to handle this task.

Getting customers to notice your business is one key to making a profit. If people can't find your business because it blends in with other businesses in the area, you have a real problem. Choosing signage for your store front is all about attracting attention. Once you get people into your store, you need to do all that you can to help customers make sense of your business. Digital signage can help to provide your customers with the direction they need to quickly navigate your business.