The Write Model: Choosing The Best Laptop As A Writer

5 March 2015
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Between worn out keyboards and overwhelmed operating systems, any writer will tell you that finding a laptop that can stand up to the trauma of daily use for word-crafting can be quite the feat. Chances are, if you stay in this occupation for very long, you will find yourself looking for a replacement laptop once every year or two, which can be pretty costly. Before heading out to the nearest computer store to get the next replacement, there are a few things that you should know about finding the best laptop as a writer.

Processor Speed Means Everything

Writing involves a lot of research. Between flipping back and forth between pages, word processors, and imagery, the basic operating system can get overwhelmed real fast. The processor of your computer determines how quickly the computer can process your manual commands. This is why gamers usually have laptops that boast the highest processors and the latest technology. For the best performance, you should opt for a computer that has a high-performance processor, which will mean your initial investment will be higher.

The Special Features Are Well-Worth the Money

When you are trying to keep your investment costs down, you may be tempted to skimp when it comes to special features. However, some of the features that you try to skip out on are well-worth your time as a writer. Consider things like a back-lit keyboard and a high-resolution screen. A back-lit keyboard could prove very valuable when you are burning the midnight oil and a high-resolution screen means adjustable brightness when the morning comes way too early. The satisfaction you get from your laptop in general could heavily rely on its special features and should be considered through McMurray Computer Experts.

Extended Warranties Are a Valuable Investment

When you put a lot of money into a laptop, it will usually come with a warranty that covers the system for around a year. You are normally given the option to purchase some form of an extended warranty plan. You may choose to decline this option, but keep in mind that the warranty will cover the computer for a longer time, no matter how many hours you have used it every day. Therefore, it could be well-worth the money.

When it comes down to it, writing requires a laptop that can stand up to a lot of heavy use. Not just the average model will do the trick and spending a little extra money up front can mean the difference in how long your computer will last.